Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Remembering my 'knocking' experiences

Just this morning, I knock my head slightly on the computer table when I bent down to scratch my leg. *blushes* It was a soft hit but it made me realized how I tend to knock my head in the most outrageous ways. Thanks to the constant knocking, I think I lost some of my memories since I now only remember two of the worst knocking incidents I have encountered.

Incident 1:
Happened when I was living in an apartment with my friends. After done bathing, I changed right in the bathroom. Once again, I bent down to wear my pants and *bish* I hit my head against the edge of the sink in front of me. =_=;;

Incident 2:
Happened in the same apartment. I was sending a friend off and silly me decided to bow *don't know why I was so polite that day* but thanks to my sudden politeness *bish* I hit my head against the grill door in front of me. =_=;;

Sigh. I think I have problem measuring distance? I probably shouldn't bend so much.

ps: dear tomodachi, if anyone remember my other 'knocking' experiences, please let me know. *swt*

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