Sunday, December 25, 2005

"Papa, when you were small ..."

On Christmas eve, I wanted to ask my father if he celebrated Christmas when he was young. I started the conversation with ...

me: "Papa, when you were small..." I noticed my dad trying his best to shrink smaller *imagine two hands in front of him with close fists, a pose one usually do when they are cold*

me: "Pa, what are you doing?"
papa: "How small? This small?" *uses the thumb and forefinger to indicate a specific size*
me: -__-;;

Anyways, later that evening we went for dinner at a western restaurant, well not pure western since they have fried rice and all that kind of local food as well but western was their main forte. My dad wanted to order the Christmas special set (expensive) and a simple fried rice (cheap) to share with my mother, that way they can try both and even up the price. Heh... but the waiter commented that they only served western food for these two days, Christmas occasion. Fine, no fried rice then. Surprise, surpise, I wanted to eat my favourite food, spaghetti and once again he said "today we have western food only." -.-;; Okay, umm.. I'm assuming spaghetti is Italian? Not Western? @__@ Fine, I flip the menu to the front where all the chops are and ordered "Grilled Chicken with Italian Sausage" He answered "Okay, one grilled chicken with italian sausage." That's so unfair, he should say "sorry, no italian sausage we going to replace it with western sausage instead." Blah.

Last but not least,

A crappy mini Christmas tree made from parsley (parsley from three different plates of food), with this I hereby wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~!


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