Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let's Play A Game!

It's the 'Name the Fruit' Game!

Fruit No. 1


Name this fruit.
Or Papaya?

A papaya that looks almost like a mango. 
A papaya from papa's papa-ya tree!
And if you think that's amusing, wait till you see the rest.

Mini Fruits Galore!
Mini papaya that looks like a mango, next to a mini pomelo that is a tad too yellow 
and two mini mangoes that instead don't quite look like mangoes. Just so you know, 
mini pomelo hails from the pomelo tree in front of my house too. 

Yup. Our mini garden bears mini fruits.

Oh oh! I just remember I had one more photo in my camera to share.

*goes off to hunt down the photo* 

There you go! 

Our Si Pendek Papaya tree. Hahaha. Super short but super fruitful.Contrary to the mango-looking papaya that was shown above, its many other siblings look and taste like any normal papaya. By the way, this photo was taken back in October last year. Si Pendek has turned into a fine teen-papaya now and is awaiting its second bloom.


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