Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Day Late is Never Too Late

Yesterday was our one year 'anniversary'. Can you believe it has been one whole year 
since Cik Anai and I set foot in London? That's like 365 days! 

 Waaaait a minute!! 

 It's 366 since this year is a leap year. 

Cis Cis!

 Before you go all roll eyes on me, I stand to defend that I take every 
memorable moment in life seriously. I remembered when it was a year right 
after Cubbie and I went to Japan. We texted each other with messages 
like "Can you believe it's been a year?" followed by a lot of 
"Oh my god, I want to go again!" and "I miss Japan!" 

 So yeah. It's been a year since our crazy adventure or as I prefer to put it, 
a year since Cik Anai wet her pants. XD 

 Good times my friend. Good times.

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