Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Surprisingly Sappy Sisters

Seriously. Me and sis. We don't do mushy mushy stuff. We're even awkward giving each other hugs. It's not like we don't love each other. We do. In a weird understated kind of way. We're just not very good at showing affection. Hah! So it was weird that after a 4-day trip sending younger sis back to KL plus a short family trip to Melaka thrown in together that I came home feeling what I'm feeling right now.

And it's not just me okay! :( 
We sad face together-gether.

Betul-betul sungguh tak sangka.


That little space she occupied on my table while she was home for the past 
three months is now empty. T__T I remembered how I complained she was invading 
my space back then. And I must say looking at the photo now, that's a tiny little space 
I managed to offer. =P 

The only thing she left me with?

One used game cash card. 
That tiny bottle of hand sanitiser was mine to begin with anyway. 


Oh adik.

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