Saturday, October 22, 2011

My-Everyday-Groupon-Deals ;)

Have you hopped on the online coupon deals bandwagon yet? I did. Yeah yeah. Before you start rolling your eyes and say "Now only hop, outdated already lah!" I will tell you that... that is so true! Hahaha.

I'm always a step slower than the rest in keeping up with the latest "in" things. Not that I'm not aware of it, it's just that I don't hop right on it. Get it? I always tread with caution. I don't just hop on the first bandwagon that passes by. I make sure a few bandwagons went ahead of me, reached the destinations safely, all hypothesis supported with proof and evidence, etc, only then do I hop on the next good bandwagon that comes my way.

Except I kinda plunged right in too deep and managed to get
myself addicted to the entire thing now. *frowns*

Now now, if you think I'm on my way spending my ka-chings away on cheap but unnecessary spending than you are very wrong. In fact, I have only made five purchases so far (since late August) and one of them was not even bought by me. I just paid for it. It was a lunch deal that the entire office gang bought together and enjoyed together. Hah!

My first two purchases were for a Photobook deal and one of them was even bought as a gift to dear Cubbie. So that left two minor purchases that cost barely RM10 and RM12 each. See, I am no big spender.

So why call myself an addict then?

Well, I'm not addicted to the act of buying, I'm addicted to the act of window shopping. LOL. Or is it call 'browser shopping' instead? It has somehow became a routine for me to check these online deal sites out every night. And that my dear friends, is very dangerous. Seriously, you are tempted to buy things you never thought of buying.

So be warned: Lots of discipline is needed when venturing into
the oh-so-very-convenient world of online shopping.

Side Notes!!
Between the three sites that I frequent: Groupon, Everyday and Milkadeal, my preference leans towards Groupon simply because I am a girl and I like things pretty. =P Did I just make myself sound shallow right there? Hahaha. Seriously though, I'm talking about the web design and presentation. Everyday and Milkadeal just don't do it for me. I know at the end of the day, it's about how good are the deals offered but it sure doesn't hurt to be pretty at the same time, right?

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