Sunday, September 11, 2011

Almost No.1

Stepped into the office on Thursday morning and not long after received my 'first' birthday present for the year.

So, why 'first' with the quotation marks?

Well, I kinda received my first birthday present way back during Chinese New Year because the gifter had thoughtfully bought me something to keep me warm during my trip to London in March. The thoughtful gifter was none other than dearest godmom! *hearts*
Thanks kai-ma!

So unfortunately the above present was deemed 'second' place without a fair fight.



That's not the point of this story.
The crucial point to this entire post is WHO came in second place?


Mr Skimmer Dude!

Oh golly, the sky must be falling. Hahaha. The gift got everyone ranting "How come he give you present one?" because Mr Skimmer Dude is not your usual present-gifter. In fact, he claims that we are just his 'colleagues' and not 'friends'. Yaya. *rolls eyes* Dude is so in denial. So anyway... "How come ah?"

Well, I guess I should say it's tradition. :P

Though honestly, seeing his gift then and now, I came to another conclusion as to why I receive gifts from him.

Obviously he thinks I'm a kid.

Rubik's Cube two years ago and a Slinky this year. What's more, *points to the lower right hand corner of the box* apparently I'm growing younger and younger. Ages 3 & up!

Here's the Rubik's Cube.

From 7, I'm now down to 3.
Will I be receiving a pacifier next? O_O

Hmm... Oh well.

A gift is a gift however small.

Thanks Mr Skimmer Dude!

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