Sunday, August 07, 2011

Boy Meets Girl (Penang Version) Part III

So as we all know, Ah Girl likes Ah Boy. *nods*
Ah Boy however, likes pork dumplings. *shrugs*
Ah Girl tried her best to woo Ah Boy. Haha. Imagine that.
So so... did Ah Girl finally get her boy in the end?


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I know I said boy-chase-girl storyline is pretty predictable and boring
but hey! happy endings are always a must. Right? *grins*

Anyway, now that this is done. I guess it's time for me to get back to my L.E.P.A.K post once again. See, the thing is I've been editing photos more than I'm writing these days. Gotta arranged them nicely to be developed into tangible photos. Ya ya, I'm old fashion that way. As much as I live and breathe my dear computer and the internet, I still like my books paperback, my CDs in casing and my photos in real photo albums. So yeah. Not quite open to change, am I? LOL. Anyhow, patient is virtue. I'll get back to writing real soon.

Till then! :)

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