Sunday, March 28, 2010

This Was Friday!

Meet gang 'Empat Secawan'!

On the far left, meet 'Blue Tumbly'.
He's the man of the job when it comes to my daily water supply. A natural hardworker I must say, fills up to two to three times per day!

Now next, meet 'Snoopy Cuppy'.
This dude here works the morning shift. He's pretty efficient in his job. In fact I love him so much for what he brings to the table. *winks* The problem is he hangs around the entire day even after his shift has ended.

Alright. Next! 'Sweet Gasly'.
She pays a visit to the office once in a while with her 'oh-so-sweet' manner and pandai-pandai work her way into our hearts and our health. It's really a love-hate relationship when it comes to her.

Last but not least. 'Super Bottler'.
My hero. This guy might seemed all humble and dressed down but the truth is he's the Clark Kent of the bunch! When all else fails and 'Blue Tumbly' couldn't make his round to the water dispenser due to heavy workload and time constraint, it is thy 'Super Bottle' that steps out of the bag and onto the table as the last minute resource!


Okay. I can't believe I just wrote four paragraphs of silliness about my water bottles. All I wanted to do at first was to publish a post called 'This Was Friday' and left a oneliner about my drinks lining up on my table as I worked my way through busy Friday.

I guess I kind of got carried away.


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