Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Alive!

One and a half month into the new year and I finally got my first post up. (which now has turned to the second post, no thanks to the unofficial first post here *frowns*) Woot woot. I so fail at blogging. Then again, there was really nothing much to blog about in January. It was all about cleaning, cleaning and well, more cleaning. Oh! But I did capture some good old memories while cleaning.

A handmade card from sis back when she was... umm still unable to spell correctly.

"So I going to say tank for or the love and the thing that you tot me. Say everytime you and your big mouth owes tal daddy what I do. So I stal love you. So I going to wise you a Merry Christmas."


"Oh sis, let me tal you, I wil owes love you too!"

And then I found this! Dominos missed me!

Double AWWWW......

Who says cleaning is a chore? Okay, maybe it is but it's also sentimental when you go digging out old stuff like these in the midst of all that cleaning.


When you are forced to get rid of stuff, that's when cleaning becomes a pain in the... heart! *ouch* T__T

No more VCR player and bye bye video tapes.

More Awwwwwwwwwww!

My Slam Dunk series! Almost all 93 episodes of it recorded in these tapes. So I might never get to watch them through these tapes again. Yes I can get digital formats of these. But nothing brings back memories than these old dusty tapes. *sobs* And so I kept half of them. =P Hahaha... it's a give-take win-win situation. Dad get his additional drawer space, I get my memories. Or at least half of them. Boo!

Slam Dunk was/is my epic anime aka teenage memory. I had wet eyes watching the last episode. I mean come on, who cry over an anime about basketball? Me. *blushes* But then again it was my love for Slam Dunk that got me into exploring the world wide web, which led me to learn about creating a fan site and thus, I gained basic knowledge of html way before I left school for college. Hah! That's how significant the series is to me. And yes, I do own the complete set of manga, too. And a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle, a big cloth poster hanging behind the door and cute little miniature model of the players. And and, stickers and and... poker cards! Woot?! Hahaha...

They might all be covered with a layer of dust now but these are memories. My memories. Boy do I feel nostalgic.


H@naKo said...

bubye slam dunk~ *waving hanky*

Vin said...

To H@naKo:
Nuuu!! Obachan, yadda! Btw, Gong Xi Fa Cai! Where is my Ang Pows? =P

Anonymous said...

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