Sunday, July 05, 2009

Halo from the Highlands!

It's proven! Guys are totally even fussier than gals when it comes to cooking. Hah!

"Why is the garlic being chopped into such big pieces?"

"Who puts onions into spaghetti sauce?"

"Who doesn't?"


Lesson learnt: Never have more than one person in charge of cooking. Eh no. Scratch that. Never have more than one guy in charge of cooking.

Now if only I have taken the pictures with my phone instead of the camera. No photos till I get back home and back to the internet world. *sadface*

On a second note, twitter is the devil. And I'm loving it. Follow me at

On a third note, Happy Birthday to that certain someone.. May you continue to enjoy the best of what life has to offer.. Obviously with your 'hoes'. *snickers* duh. How I wish I have internet access to post a comment to you but all I can do from the highlands is send emails from my phone.

It's silly how I have more time to sit and blog when I don't have internet access. *lol*

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