Friday, April 17, 2009

Sinful Pleasures...

Am guilty as charged!

I ain't ordering Shishamo Bento anymore. I'll stick to my favourite Saba from now on. *sigh* But I can't helped it. I have this tendency of having fun with my food.

Vin's Policy:
No repeats within two days!

Demo... sinful... totally sinfoool! Little fishes like these filled with eggs inside. (>_<)

Ignorance is such a bliss though.

Introducing Ms Return:
Yerrr... so cute little fish. I want to order this next time.

(-_-) Woot?


Anonymous said...

was it that bad or something? xO

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Maaa... it was yummy.. but then with all the eggs in it, it's as if I'm eating babies. T__T

And since when did you upgrade yourself in becoming the queen, dear princess. XD

Cubbie said...

Hahahhahaha!!! The fishes looked good woh. But I'll never order those, everrrrr :P

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Cubbie: Look good meh? Look kind of pitiful to me. T_T