Thursday, January 29, 2009

家族 (kazoku) : family

Chinese New Year together.
That's all that matters.



H@naKo said...

hey hey hey~
happppie new yearrr~
and niceee shoooees u havee... (btw, which is yours? =.=||)

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Hey hey!
If you dunno which is mine how can you say nice ah? How how?!?

Anyway, the nicest one is mine loh. =P

Cubbie said...

BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHHA! I'm guessing.... right!

H@naKo said... it's a guessing game?
hmmmm...the white pair?

Vin aka hiyashi said...

So one guess right the other is left lah.. HAHAHA..

To Hanako-bachan: If you guess is the white pair and you say in the first comment "nice shoes I have" means polka dot shoe not nice lah? DX

To dearest Cubbie: XD