Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

A New year, a new entry with my new phone.
Hah. Indeed where have I've been the past month.

Blowing bubbles!

NOT! I rather call it reminiscing childhood memories. Lol.

I'll attempt a post again if this works out. Totally cool.

Edit: It did work out. Except the picture appeared right at the top since I can't do formating from my phone. And it cost me RM5.00 to post this up. Too expensive for a post. It's the biggy file size from the photoz. Did one with only text earlier and that cost me under RM1.00. Gosh, how I wish my phone got Wifi. That will double the coolness of this post. And my edit turned out longer than the actual post. I really need to blog soon.


H@naKo said...

happpie new yearr~
nice try~Mayb next time u can try on my phone :)

hiyashi said...

Wah! You stalk my blog or what? Cos I sure wasn't expecting anyone actually reading this after my month long absence. *am so touched* HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!!