Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Pen for A Pan

Change of weapon!
Hiyashi holds a pan just as well as she holds a pen.
But Hiyashi is not a Japanese Chef. As bizarre as it sounds, Hiyashi don't even know how to make sushi.
Hiyashi cooks only spaghetti, pasta, Italiano!

Yup. It's boiling! The Farfalle is boiling!
Anyway I *refering myself as Hiyashi got a little weird at this point* So anyway, I got kinda busy after that and the few photo attempts I've made while cooking turned out blur. -.-;;

Therefore, let's just proceed with the results shall we?

How can Italian food go without a bowl of clam chowder soup and of course a glass of red wine. *slurps*

Up close.
Should have cut more mushrooms yesterday night. That's right, preparation started a night before. Hahaha... all because I refuse to wake up early on a Sunday morning.

Ohohoho... and when I cook, I give you variety.


My dad called this green thick keoy teow. *swts* Bought this out of curiousity and for it's green spinachy look but personally I'll say I prefer to go with good old spaghetti. Just like how I prefer good old Original Recipe over Hot and Spicy when it comes to KFC.

Hmm.. while I'm at it. *waves flag* Support Original! And that goes for more than CDs okay?

The close-up for this is not so appetising huh? Forgot to add smelly cheesy powder earlier. Haha..

And when all things come to an end, it only makes sense to end it good, right?

YUMMY! Strawberry dessert.

I am not really a strawberry fan but it won't be italiano to have buah jambu as dessert eh. ^^;;

Ah it's now 5.30pm and I'm still full of myself! Muahahaha...


Cubbie said...

T_____________T I waaaaaaaant!!

Snowflake0715 said...

Delicious... second up please!!!