Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mr Cool what are you doing in my dream?

*sings* I had a dream...

Okay that was a little lame.
But I did!
I dreamt I went to Japan!
With Cubbie!
*Okay, got to stop ! at everything.*

Anyway, to be exact there were me, Cubbie and 4 others I can't identify. Simply because the other 4 are always a few feet away from us. Both of us are like the leader of the group. ^^;;

So we finally arrived in Japan and as we land I panicked. Why? Because I realised we did not have any proper documentations with us. We were in the immigration office and the officer there was questioning us. -___-;; Maa... we're not illegal immigrants. We're not that stupid to be that obvious right?

And at one point it got weird that the officer will actually believe we're not here to work illegally if I can produce some KAT-TUN concert tickets to prove I'm there for leisure purposes. *swts* And a girl sitting on the waiting bench said it is impossible to get tickets anymore cause they're definitely sold out. What the??? *blinks*

Well, you can't really suspect such innocent group of young ladies right? Hahaha.. the officer was soooo kind. He actually let us call back home to have someone mail the documents over to proof our innocence. And guess who I called!!!

Mr Cool!

Mr Cool from my office. What are you doing in my dream? I guess you can always rely on Mr Cool to mail the right things over. And alas he did! He mailed them over. I have no idea what courier service they use in dream but boy are they fast! It arrived almost immediately.

I don't really know what happened after that for I have to wake up to go to work by then but one thing's for sure, I'm in Japan legally!

So this post is dedicated to Mr Cool.
Thank you for saving me in Japan.

Now let's see if I can continue my dream tonight. *looks forward to an enjoyable trip* teehehe...


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Cubbie said...

Cubbie's here!! I know I know.. you're too excited when I asked you to come along. Until you dream of it.. HAHA!