Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Long Time No See / Hear?


Friends! Thank you for making an appearance here. Haven't heard from you for a long long time. *blinks*

Saw your comment days later after you post. Not sure if you're still visit here from time to time but do continue leave a message whenever you do. Rarely catch you online nowadays and last I know, you don't have a blog. You should you know then I can visit it time to time, knowing how are you in Singapore. You're still there right? ^^;;

Ska @ Mel

Even you made an appearance. I'm shocked. You updated your blog which is even more shocking. I'm glad I 'haven't give up on you'. Hahaha... to continue to have you in my friend's list, believing one day you might just update. Though I pretty much gave up visiting your blog after months and months of "no-post" from you. My bad. =^^= You were my first "House-mate" *coughs* The first person who I found shared the love for Dr House. Hahaha.. Do you still watch it? Season 3 just ended and... and... they're all gone!! *oops.. spoiler*

Cubbie and Hanako

I talk to you guys almost every night, therefore let us keep our amusement there. ^_^


Welcome to the bloggie blog world once again! Do stay this time. ^^;;


What happened to your orange bloggie? It's turning brown!


You guys are simply ♥*hearts* ♥



peekaboo said...

No worries, I still in Singapore. Keep in touch ;) Do contact me when you come.

*I still havent in your friend list :p

Cheers and chill

Natelie Wong said...

Halo...long time no see "housemate"!! Wahahaha..see ur msg in peeka blog only found u leh, why never online one :P

*Me also stil hvnt in your friends list leh...

Do keep in touch :D

Snowflake0715 said...

your shout-out post really a success huh! ^^ you two ... remember to add me in list ok. Coz i already add ya.. Keep in touch yo.

Will read you guys blog whenever got time.

p/s hiyashi is an Virus. We all kena already. hahaha