Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Random Series pt02

It always amuses me when I see a shoe on the road.
While driving. While walking.
I’m puzzled.
Why is there a shoe on the road?
Then again, it could be an unfortunate motorist who had lost his or her shoe while on the road.
It could have drop out of the rubbish truck. *shrugs*
And after given much thought, I thought it was reasonable after all.
Then it happened!
I saw not one but two shoes on the road.
Yes! A pair of shoes on the road.
Can someone please enlighten me on this matter?
Did someone got kidnap?
Did they *ahem* got distracted in the middle of the night.
But that would make sense if there were two pairs of shoes.
I don’t understand.

Maybe someone decided to leave their mark in life…
… in their own weird and funny kind of way.

1 comment:

peekaboo said...

The way to leave mark in life.. .. a popping by to say HI'. Miss ya.