Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Patriotism strikes

50 years of independence! Visit Malaysia 2007! If it's any time to be patriotic, it's definately this year. Thus, Hiyashibeeps is doing its little part by adding *cough cough* an All Malaysian Blogger Project button at the sidebar. As far as statistic goes, there are some foreigners visiting this slacking blog from time to time.

Of course, I have to choose a button I can relate to the most. FOOD! Come on, as long as you eat, a part of Malaysia is always in you. And don't go telling me off about the trip to the toilet. *rolls eyes*

And how can you promote this beloved country to foreigners without instilling the love for your own country and its yummy food among the locals? So fellow Malaysians, I bring you the Nasi Lemak Shop.

And just in case the photo is not clear enough.
That's 04-2279864. I repeat 04-2279864!

*shrugs* I wonder if this works. But the place is nice, especially the atmosphere. Not as hectic as kopitiams. And to quote a frequent customer...

"I can really enjoy a plate of tasty nasi lemak without smelling like char kui teow at the end of the meal."

Well said indeed. *applause*

And if you're a food lover like me, I suggest you order an extra small bowl of rice to go with the loads of side dishes that comes with it.

Now all that's missing is the photo of the delicious nasi lemak to tempt you further. Dang! Should have taken a pic before I eat. I always remember after I finished my meal. -.-;;


meL said...

(trying to dirty this place abit)

hiyashi said...

Ska.. mel.. whatever you call yourself nowadays! You exist!! Don't you think your place needs more dirt than mine? I think the dust kinda took over no?