Sunday, August 12, 2012

[InstaMyLife] Through the Eyes of Instagram (Part I)

That's the thing about having a smartphone with you. It's easier to capture the moment and record it down. So easy that you sometimes wonder why do you even need to blog about it after that? But even though I don't blog religiously, I know that this blog remains the one constant that I can count on even after all the many technology fads that may come and go.

I admit, I love my Instagram. A lot.

But even more, I love the moments I took with it. 
Enough to take the trouble to have them here as well.

Like the very first shot I took with my brand new phone.
Colours of the rain. - 5 June 2012

The day the fangirl in me flailed. - 11 June 2012

The day I visited the hospital for a check-up and turns out...
The longest queue at the hospital is at the bakery. - 23 June 2012

The day I went down the rabbit hole and into the land of origami.
おりがみ ♥ - 27 June 2012

And from then on, it was no turning back.
おりがみ origami class 3: panda mama and child - 28 June 2012

I couldn't stop.
おりがみ class no 5: doggie meets inuchan ♥ - 2 July 2012

Until it was turning into a zoo... that's when I knew I had to stop.
It's getting a little crowded in here. - 2 July 2012

Sometimes, there is no need for words and all that was captioned 
for this was a simple heart.
♥ - 6 July 2012

Brandfest 2012. It's been a long day. - 9 July 2012

So I may be very generous in 'giving' my heart away when it comes to food.
Sauteed mushroom is ♥ - 11 July 2012

Capturing Tizer being all kinds of adorable.

The jam you love to hate. - 20 July 2012

Had one good meal after another.
A very yummy meal. A very happy tummy. ♥ - 19 July 2012

And another...
Wanted to go to Korea but ended up in Taiwan instead. - 25 July 2012

A week to remember. Hwaiting! ↖(^ω^)↗ - 31 July 2012

Breakfast for RM3.30. ♥ the egg. - 2 August 2012

Cafe 다리 ♡ - 3 August 2012

So finally we did end up in 'Korea'. 
Ironically, a friend on Facebook actually asked if we were in Korea. 

How I wish. 

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