Saturday, July 21, 2012

When Smart + Smart doesn't necessarily equal 'Smarter'

The long overdue post is back. Yes. It's been more than a month. In fact, "whooosh!" and just like that we're more than half way through 2012. Well, this post is about one of the many little 'important' days to me.

Yes. It is the day I became... not just smart!

But Smart + Smart.

How's that for progress?

You see. After more than 10 years of being red, I finally switched to yellow.
Oh yes, I made the 'smarter' choice. Or so they claimed. Personally, I don't think it's really a 'smart' choice because quite frankly it loses big time to red in terms of connectivity, 
but it is really affordable.

And that is a BIG plus for me.

Because I live and breathe prepaid since I got my very first mobile phone when I was seventeen. And after 10 long years, I have reached the point where I am no longer even constrained by credit expiry. Yes, my lovely red offered me year-long credit validity. How cool is that? Very Cool. Except, my lovely red has a very expensive green partner. So I made the 'smarter' choice and went with yellow instead.

But it's not just that that matters.

If you ask me a few years ago, back when 'switching' means 'changing your number', 
I would have never taken that leap of faith. So that's another BIG BIG plus for me.

So what's with all these change we're talking about? Why now?

Because of this!
Before you go all "S2?!? Girl, it's S3 now!" Yaadaa yaadaa yaadaa.
Save your breath. It's my choice anyway. Not gonna justify it either.

This is a 'big' leap for me already, okay?

After all, lookie at my old phone.

Ah. My simple ice-cream phone. So pink on its own.
Gotta take a picture and remember it as my 3rd phone. 
The 1st that I'd bought with my own hard earned money.

Now the funny thing was, my new s2 was way bigger than my ice-cream, 
so there's no way it could fit into my little knitted-bag. So I went on a hunt inside 
my room in attempt to find some means of protection for my new phone.

And I found this! 
A little pink bag that just managed to snug it perfectly.
So the 'pink' lives on!

I threaded the rest of the week with caution as I have yet to buy any cover for my phone. PSP-san, as resourceful as ever when it comes to all things gadgety, presented a cover for my phone "just to get by, until you buy one." It's a little dirty for being kept in a corner for too long but it's still a cover nonetheless!


Why is it pink too?!? Hahaha.
And you see that little cloth on the bottom right there, that's pink too.
It was a complimentary piece from the salesgirl when I bought my screen protector. I guess when she saw my pink-inspired phone, she naturally chose pink for me too.

No. Pink is not my favourite colour.
All these pink were not chosen by me anyway. 

So what did I choose then?

*slaps herself on the forehead*

I had no idea how I ended up with flowery pattern instead.

Sometimes, I don't understand myself either. LOL.


Faye said...

I think your flowery case is cute :)

Jovin Wong said...

Aww... thank youuu! :)