Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lookie What I Cookie for Lunchie This Sundie


The name is so not appealing at all by the way.
I mean "Yucky Soba?" Come on.

*shakes head*

My camera ran out of battery.
So the shot came from a mere camera phone.

*shakes head again*

I claim it as "my style" because I just make do with whatever we have in the kitchen. Don't think scallops were listed as part of the original ingredients. There's no meat in this as well. And and, the pretty yellow omelette is definitely not a norm.

So that was my Sunday morning / afternoon.
On a side note, a long post is coming up within the next week.
Yes it's long overdue. =P


Snowflake0715 said...

Jo ... you cook~~ I want to try it!!!

Vin said...

Come come. I cook for you. :)