Sunday, January 28, 2007

The power of leng chai

Went shopping with mom at Carrefour this afternoon.
Sunday Afternoon Shopping + Chinese New Year Coming Soon = Chaos!
So basically after 3 hours, I was on the verge of scolding everyone who is walking in front of me... very slowly. With frustration plastered on my face, my mom realised it's time to go home.

Paid a visit to the magazine store while waiting for my dad to arrive.
Overhead a conversation of a Malay couple.

Lady (points to a magazine): Bang, ni lah drama yang ditayang pukul 7 tu.
*note: The drama is a taiwanese drama called "Silence" starring *cough cough* Zai Zai ... one of the guy from F4.*

Man (sees and nods)

Lady: Bang, potonglah rambut macam dia.

Man: -__-;;

Me? That just made all my frustration go away. The guy was a normal decent looking guy with typical simple haircut and wears glasses, your typical nice guy. Ah... the power of "leng chai". Not that I'm a big fan of Zai Zai... hahaha..

Oh ya. On a side note, we went home with one plastic bag containing 4 items. Hahaha... after over 3 hours of shopping! Looks like I shall meet Chaos next weekend again.

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