Sunday, December 24, 2006

Updating Marathon Mode

Topic No.1 - TangYuan
I promised S.Yee I'll put her mama's special "kam pou tong yuen" up on my blog. Usually you'll find these stuff round in shape, either have it big or small, with or without filling, dark coloured ginger taste soup or sweet syrup. These however, are very special tong yuen wish I'm glad I've eaten one. Another colleague keep making fun, saying every one signifies one year, by eating one you'll grow a year older. *shrugs* If that's the case I'll be an old old lady then. That's right, I ate lots of them. So be it! To a new year of great prosperity!

Ta-da! One normal typical boring tongyuen and one oh so special!

Zoom In! Looks like abalone no? An artificial one though. *snickers*

Topic No.2 - Jacket
In response to Hanako-bachan's shopping spree at MNG. Here's my jacket instead. Wee..

I love my jacket! Though I rarely wears it... It's unofficially a Maru Jacket as well... haha..

Topic No.3 - Winter time in Malaysia
Yup, it's colder than usual and it's pouring! Too bad it's not nice white little snowflakes but big fat raindrops. Floods, gah... in Johor of all places. Do hope Fangy-kun is doing fine and Lem-san is not all soaking wet travelling to work everyday, not that I'm any better.

Yup, that's Snoopy cycling happily under the heavy rain outside and Garfield is standing there trying to hitch a ride.

*shrugs* Stickers on my dad's car. Hahaha.. my mom believes putting stickers indirectly show this as a family car thus, lessen the possibility of being aimed by car thieves. Maybe it does help? *touch wood*

Okies, I have more to blog. My phone memory is full with the photos I've been taking and the lack of motivation of blogging about them. So if I'm motivated enough tonight, I'll do another post! *_*

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Cubbie said...

THaaaaaaaaats.. thats my my.. jacket.. haha hiyashi stole it!! >.< Maru speaking. :P