Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Birthday! *throws confetti*


The picture says it all. :) It was yesterday though, 4th Nov. Cappuccino Cheese from Secret Resipe. *yummy* Wonders what's the secret though... Anyways, may my dearest papa be happy and healthy always. That's not too much to ask is it?

Now now, don't steal my father's birthday cake even though it's just a photo.

It's been a great two days. Selamat Hari Raya to the fellow Muslims. Hey, I am no Muslim but no one said only Muslims can celebrate and be happy on Raya, right? Yup, one of the great things of being a Malaysian. So, let's see... instead of rendang and ketupat, it was pizza and wine. lol... I know those are not exactly Malaysian food but hey, it's not like we eat italian food everyday, only on special occasion. *giggles* My mom's face was as red as tomato just slightly into the second glass of wine. *grumbles* How come I didn't think of taking a picture of her then. I drank two full glass and was pretty happy throughout the night. Frankly, a glass of real good coffee makes me happier than a glass of wine. Caffeine over alcohol anytime! And to end the night with an episode of House was perfecto~!

As for the second day of Raya which also happens to be my dearest papa's birthday, all the more reason to celebrate! Instead of "Lam Mee" for the birthday "man", he got spaghetti. Now you must be wondering why all the italian food? Partly due to my little own selfishness since I treat the whole family to Secret Resipe and my mom insist on my dad eating mee as a symbol of longlivity and spaghetti was the closest thing you can get. See, we still practice our traditions ... just well, modifying it a little bit. *winks* I ate Japanese Soba and one might ask why my dad did not have this instead, at least it's more asia-ish. Reason being... soba is not as long as spaghetti! Haha... *sudden thought-> ska (a friend) :"lame."* -__-;; He's the only person who calls me that when we chat. *urgh.. shoo away the thought*

Anyway, two great days, one great family.