Sunday, October 16, 2005

Heaven and hell, which you rather be in?

That's the current state of the place I'm working. The company occupied the 2nd floor of the building when I was training there two months ago. Now I'm back as a temporary staff for a month to earn some extra cash. The company has also expanded downstairs and now occupy a section of the ground floor as well. Ironically, the ground floor department is also the hell part of the company where everyone is currently rushing to complete a project. Late nights, extreme pressure with a short-fuse devil running the place. Now picture heaven upstairs, where everyone is doing things at their own pace, datelines are negociatable, you still have a hawk eyeing at you, making sure you're not slacking too much but otherwise it is still heaven compared to the condition downstairs. Where would you rather be?

I told my dad about this and he told me the theory of "you always worry about two things in life". When you're alive, you worry that you might get sick or worst still you might die. When you're sick you worry whether you will ever get better or then again you might die. Finally you're dead and you worry whether you'll be going up heaven or down to hell. When you end up in heaven you thought all your worries will be gone but then again what happens when all your friends happens to be in hell? In the end, sometimes people prefers to go to hell just to be with people they know, shaking hands with friends.

This is the same case. I'm up in heaven, bored to death. Staring at the computer, feeling sleepy at times, feeling unimportant since I'm not pressured to perform. Sometimes I go down and visit hell where everyone I work with during internship training is currently is down there working their ass off. You feel the energy going around, the drive making you work and perform. It's even ironic that the devil likes me a lot, my friends always say I got a pinch of evil in me *shrugs* but I didn't get sent to work down in hell because of my short time here, they already started the project before I came in and it will take time for me catching up things, by then my one month might be up. So what's the point?

Then again, I'm not here to promote how wonderful hell is. Hell being hell, everyone down there has gone bonkers. A previous colleague of mine who work with me when I train a few months ago has turned into a grumpty gal, not to mention it's fasting time. As the saying goes, "a hungry man is an angry man". When you're in a team, you'll have a sense of responsiblity. Therefore, no matter how much you dislike it, you'll end up working late nights, come in on Sundays to complete your work and all with an angry devil behind your back, ready to pounce on you anytime.

So, heaven and hell, which you rather be in?


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khorchinhau said...

been there done that...ahahah...just glad i'm outta there..i dunno why u went back though